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Crystal’s Quest: An Adventure into the World of Gemstones


Crystal’s Quest

An Adventure into the World of Gemstones

Originally, this children’s book was to be about gemstones only. That is until I saw a TV program about the issues that children have to face in today’s world. I cried. The whole theme of the book immediately changed.

Not only is the book about gemstones but it touches on topics that are relevant today (bullying, peer pressure, depression, and more).

My wish is that Crystal’s Quest inspires children and gives them comfort.

– Lisa Fontanella

 5 x 8 – 102 pages

ISBN 978-1-7365946-0-5  Soft cover $15.95
ISBN 978-1-7365946-1-2  eBook $7.99

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Nationally recognized by the International Book Awards and Best Book Awards.

Young readers embark on an adventure-filled quest and discovery of friendship, kindness, self-acceptance plus educational fun-facts and the healing properties of gemstones.

Each story revolves around Crystal and her beagle buddy, Noodle, and all the characters they meet. Readers can realize, experience, and reflect on the additional social issues about fitting in and accepting yourself for your uniqueness.

This inspiring chapter book is written for ages 7 – 11. Young readers, their parents, and teachers will enjoy the full color, creative format, the life lessons of each story, and the incorporation of gemstones and their meaning in daily life. The Thought for the Day and journal element within each story gives an encouragement for journaling. A helpful resource for home and classroom.

The companion book, My Thoughts for Today – Guided Journal and Coloring Book with writing prompts on topics of mindfulness, self-acceptance of others, sharing, feelings and emotions is also available.