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“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working

James Cash Penney

What Is An Inspirational Life Coach?

“Inspirational Life coaches are professionals who counsel and support clients going through transitions in any aspect of their lives, both personal and professional. They can help you take a step back to look at the challenges at hand and guide you through them.” 


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Why Do People Hire An Inspirational Life Coach?

Good question!

The answer can be quite broad and cover a multitude of topics; however, according to the Certified Coaches Federation and my experience with clients, here are a few reasons why.

People hire a life coach to:

  • Move ahead professionally and personally
  • Learn strategies and ideas to increase their quality of life
  • Achieve more balance between work and home life.
  • Reach important career or personal goals
  • Discover how to live with more focus, meaning and purpose
  • Receive insights and inspiration
  • Be able to identify their negative beliefs and habits that sabotage success
  • Maintain and achieve focus to move toward goals

As you can see, that covers a lot of territory!

Inspirational Life Coaching Testimonial:

When you meet Lisa, it doesn’t take long to recognize that she has a powerful sense of intuition that guides her life! And she brings that gift to her work with assisting people in navigating their life’s journey. She has an innate knack for honing in on the core issue that needs to be addressed. She gently asks questions that invite the “ah-ha” moments that are so transformative! Lisa’s sweet smile and easy nature are deeply grounded in strength and wisdom. She is a mighty force for good in the world! – A.H.

How Sessions Work

During a session with me, I use the awesome tools from my life coach training as well as information, strategies, and applications from various training I’ve taken over the years.

I provide a safe and open environment through active listening, compassion, and caring.

You’ll receive useful and relevant tools and practices that will support and inspire.

Life Coaching sessions are done virtually or in-person in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

Inspirational Life Coaching Testimonial:

Lisa’s strong intuitive abilities gave me a fresh perspective on creating a path forward. She has the ability to look at the larger picture and brings insightful recommendations. She can see through blocks that have held me back. Most of all she works with integrity and compassion. – Sue B

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